Saturday, 1 October 2011

They share their own story

“I heard several fire broke-out and they been compensated and land kidus granted to many landless people elsewhere, but here nothing such came to us, may be the government has no lands left to compensate us” she smiles sitting on the muddy veranda of her hut, and pour pain over her saying “But we’ll have no land specially paddy fields for our sons, I am just worried about it”,

If you walk up that white road lining up to the Tintalay mining, you would notice hundreds of acres of land captured by the Jitti river, digging ditches everywhere throughout the fertile paddy fields, where tons of rice grew once upon a time is now a barren dried river beds.
And what is so panic is that the river is pulling the village every year towards it. Walk up along and you could see the sinking, undulation and flutter created by the pull of the river.
Many villagers have lost their paddy fields and the river is threatening by eroding the fragile land and if it continues we’ll one day speak that once there was a beautiful village.
People are thankful to government that at least the Ministry of Agriculture tried planting trees to strengthen the sliding land, but it has all gone in vain as everything was washed away during that summer.
The swollen river during summer never gives the calm sleep to the people just as how elephants keep them awake when the paddy becomes ready to harvest.
If not looked immediately, hundreds of people will be without land especially paddy fields and houseless. “What more can we do now, it’s clearly visible to everyone who passes this way, we have offered and every day offering our prayer, we have no wealth and strength to block the river, may god saves us” is the only word you hear if you ask them.