Friday, 11 November 2011

The Leave Letter

The computer class was silent as everybody was engrossed in doing their project; our instructor himself was busy attending his task from administration.

The day outside was cold and with light shower, there was just the clinching of rain drops on the window pane and few guys yawning. I just cursed that Friday 21 January and wished I could have stayed back at home, sitting near heater and watching television.

Quite a while, there was a push on the door, and Karma just pushing her head inside, called out “May I come in sir?”,

There was sway of heads towards her, breaking the silence of the room. What was wrong?  She gazed with the tears on her eyes.

“Yes, Come in,  Karma please be early in class from tomorrow, okay?” spoke sir, in his compassionate tone. But hasn’t he noticed why Karma has in tears?.

Just with her pale hands wiping off her tears, Karma requested sir, that she was unable to attend her classes and wanted to go home, she made sure that her mother too was waiting for her outside.

In his utter surprise, sir took up his head from the book and asked what was wrong?  Karma was swept with silence, with tears dropping down her checks.

“Okay, but for how many days?” He asked.

“I don’t know sir, but soon my dad shall write to you. Please do understand me ” she cried.
She left the room, pulling the door quietly and walked out cautiously not even making the note of her footsteps.

Class broke out of its salience, lots of whispers and discussions erupted.

Nobody has ever been close to karma and knew where she was from. But sir has always noted that, she was the most sincere girl and was doing well in her class. She was kind and sincere and hardworking. I just have talked with her once, quite few days earlier and just knew she studies in class XII and stays with her dad and mom in Dechenchholing, and every day she comes to the class by taxi.

Karma didn’t turn up for the class. Five days has passed, neither her father has written him a letter and nor anybody knew about her. Few guys started cracking jokes that she has married and left the course.
In the mean time, a fellow of another class handed sir an application send by Karma’s father.
He just had a glance over it, kept in turned over and left the room and never returned. As the class got over, I just walked to his desk and quickly went through the letter.

It read “Karma and her mom has left our family for heavenly abode on Friday 21 January, in a car accident while traveling from Dechenchholing to her computer class. Please join us to pray for her departed soul……………”

My eyes were wet and heart beating fast….I could understand nothing. I realized, death was only the surety of life, and one eagerly waiting for me, to take me away….I prayed.

From  book "Pearls of My Imagination" on thought over death.