Saturday, 11 February 2012

She Came to Tell Me

What is impossible while in love?. I wonder to step back and pull reminiscence of a couple of years ago. What led the way for the door of my heart to open for a little girl?. It was indeed blind and unexplainable.
Tashi a little girl, beautiful with luminous reddish or pink cheeks and height may be just an inch lower than mine, the daughter of our neighbour had always her eyes over me. Shared her smile whenever she felt my presence showing great love and care.
It was on Friday morning when she met me on the way to my school. Said "I love this world very much for one thing" with a princely gesture, luscious smile and with but little shy over her face
"It is natural. Tashi, the aims, dreams and the desire are the intimate environment of our life. "Every creature below this sky love one or something the most. I too, do love something". I said "So please tell me, what is that you dare to love so much"?.
She stood still with her dimple on her cheeks, smiled and said, "First of all, tell me what thing that you love the most?. then I shall tell you", she smiled, and put her pale finger over her lips and moved her body princely with the tinge of shyness over her face.
" I love all the lovely things', I said and "You?".
I......I she stammered smiled, staggered with her hands on her waist.
"no....please”. She laughed in shyness "I shall tell you latter", said she and turned back.
I could neither guess nor understand what she meant to tell me. I nailed my head to get it right but gone in vain. I persuaded her to tell me, yes her lips moved but couldn't utter a word
"O sorry! My vocal does not permit me, though my heart agrees", cried she.
It may be a great thing that, this earth owned, which I could not procure even with the sweat and blood, or may be some secret that she experienced, seen or heard from far and some where. I thought to myself.
By then it was time for the morning assembly, she promised to tell me that latter and bade good bye.
My eager heart recalled all that happened, all thought along the path brought to me her smile, her dimpled cheeks, her gesture and her sweet and lovely voice "I love this world very much for one thing", O ! What was that? My heart never stopped to ask.
Days and nights were passing away. Every one in that little village were busy with their task. I had no idea where had she gone. But my heart was eagerly waiting to hear from her.
The sad heart was to hear something. Exactly one week passed. Friday has given birth to the sad morning, even the cocks didn't give the signal of it's birth. The clouds were hanging sadly, those lovely flowers have withered, and something unsatisfactory flowed over my thirsty mind, still than I had my breakfast, got dressed and walked to the school.
I saw her waiting on the same place, dressed on the same attire, with her dimple still on her cheeks and greeted me in her sweet and simple tone. Everything were same but something was different. My heart was filled with joy, mind and mood changed, every things were made calm by her smile.
The worried clouds now gave the way for the bright sun for sometimes and the golden rays stroked her lovely face and twinkled.
She gave me a chewing gum, smiled and said. "Do you remember, that I had something to tell you?".
O! the glorious her voice. "Yes. Tashi I shall not go to school nor shall I leave you until you tell it to me. Believe me I am in great thirst to hear. I cannot please my heart any more. What is that?", I begged.
She moved a little, smiled in shyness again. Her smile was usual but gave a different taste and said. "The thing that I loved most is you. I love you..... I love you......",She hugged me and cried. At first I was surprised but latter on my heart was filled with joys. "Nothing so joys were ever brought to each other’s heart, cried both of us.
It was exactly 8:30 am. It was going to be late for my school. So we departed with that joys still in our heart and hopped to meet her latter.
I was carried away with the joy and satisfaction. I reached a rock through which the path of my school passed. I climbed on it and looked down to her, she was no more there.
I prayed for the day to pass away soon and waited to meet her after my class.
The last bell rang.........I was so excited. I collected my books and ran home. I went directly to her home to meet her. But to my surprise, I found her mother resting her sad face over the pale fist and weeping with the profuse fall of the tears.
I went to her and asked "What's wrong...why are you weeping, Aunt?".
She lifted her saddest face and replied "Tashi has left me alone. She gave her life in a bus accident today at 8:30 am near Samtse-Phuentsholing highway. 

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