Monday, 13 August 2012

In those books are written your destiny!

There are different patterns of life, some enjoy life to the fullest and often think if there could be no end to it, while other are laden with the yoke of sorrows and sufferings, almost praying every day for the death to pick them up.

This is a story of a boy, for whom the life have never been kind and sympathetic, who have seen the happiness but have never felt for himself, he have cherished the happiness of other but have never felt to himself. If the tears have not poured down his cheeks and if he could still talk I could have more here, still not the least he has something to tell me..

I couldn’t exactly remember when my mom left me, I even cannot remember if I have ever slept on the cozy lap of my mother listening to the lullaby that mothers sing. Today I feel very happy when I see mothers taking care of their babies, dandling and singing lullaby for them This is what Tshering, a 13 years old student of a primary school shared with me.

His mother was a second wife to his father, she was married to his father after the first one have left for heavenly abode, and it was his fate of not being able see his mother too.
I grew in a hostile environment, never knew how living in a comfortable house and sleeping on cushion homely and calm, torn clothes and plastics boot, faded and stained with dirt were my only possessions”.

I received no care, I have no land, no home not even identity of my nationality, and still I do not have, many says that it’s because my mom was an Indian and my father took no care to nationalize us to Bhutanese citizenship.”

Today I am a maid, a servant, I was picked up from a village where I was working as a cow boy just to earn two meals a day and for a corner to sleep during the night. Even here with my master I do not feel the taste of homeliness, I am often scolded and barred of some of my interest, I have lots of house hold chores, cleaning, washing and even after a tired work I rarely get appreciation of my work and hard effort. Sometimes it pains me a lot that sometimes let me to think of leaving everything and die, but I place my faith in god and waits for what GOD has planned for next.

I do not curse my master nor I have any bad thought on him; I know if he had not picked me from my village and given me the opportunity to study, today I would have been in village still looking after the cows, here I have my studies and putting my hard effort to complete it, I hope one day I would earn and live happily alone……………”

As a note of encouragement, I told Tshering that I had similar lives before, living in hostel in remote school was never easy, sometimes without dinner and sleeping along with dogs among naughty and cruel seniors who scolded and hit us without a reason, but I took good care of my studies and always did well. Although it pains a lot to remember those hard days but now, every day is a new beginning.

"Today GOD made me as a simple writer to write down all those pain, sorrows and cries and reciprocate it into a happy ending. You study well, in those books are written your destiny, all the best” I said, and after a hug we departed.