Mercy! On us, on you we look for peace………..

Now when the end of the tenure of your life comes, then all the pains and sorrows that you have done unto others will swirl over you. When the arms that lifted that gun and shot others will be feeble and shot of gun shall pain your ears and hearts. The strength that you possessed and brought you the title of bravo shall ruin, thought will be so painful, that even the sleep runs away from you.
The cloud of sorrows falls on you with heavy weight, then you shall start to regret your past deeds and you’ll cry till the eyes goes to burst, but by then it will be too late for you.
You’ll constantly hear cries of those families that you shot them down and that pain shall reflect back to you. By the demerits of the triggered that you pulled shall pinch your heart that you will fall down with unbearable pain.
The days of being novelty shall wears off and sorrows get hold of it chance. You will see not a place to rest but of the thorny land to stand on bare feet.
Your commander shall by then never be on your part, nor you compensation is enough to heal it, your uniform will have holes and your boots wears off and decay. Your government shall but look for place to dig your grave.
Dear, you are been fooled, that you are safeguarding your mother land, but the fact is that you make that mother cry to behold their son lying on the ground. You create the cloud of death unto others and torn off the family.
Behold that little monk as your dearest son, begot to you by your beautiful wife. Yours may be in a garden adorned by bed of roses, but here he lies beneath the point of your gun, doesn’t he like to live as yours child?
You are a soldier to safeguard, truly said, but before that merciless gun burst with bullet, let your heart burst with love and mercy. Instead of shooting them down with gun, let your hands pick them up in your loving arms. For in heaven there is no soldier but angles, so prepare for it.
Mercy! On us, on you we look for peace………..