Networking in a better way. Keep Connected!

Although the information technology has made it easy to collect those forgotten memories that we have spend together before. Still breaking into laughter and cries with those times that we have played, laughed, cried, fought and lived together. Share these copies of photos that paints funny, mischievous, smiles, laughter of the bright daylight and of the darkened nights of childhood and of the ages that followed us.
However this has created the gap of our personal touch. One dear friend of mine who used to visit me before started calling me and latter stopped it and just kept up with some messages on facebook, and sometimes steals few minutes time to be online and chat. Although we are kept updated of the every second of our lives, we never meet each other, simply sharing some text  and photos online we assume that one is doing well, happy and healthy still. But is it that sweet as what we used do before with each other together partying and fun?
Our expression of emotion, love, sadness, joy and fun has all been converted into bits and bytes, the warmth of the human touch and that reality of being together has totally lost. Yes, its saves time, but how far can we derive the sweetness of the humanity from this digitized phenomenon?
I don’t mean that I curse it, but I believe that we must not be fully dominated by it. The pad on back and sweetness of our smile is better than the likes and poke on the facebook wall.
But what is worst in us is when people have concern and even when they question us in facebook and comment us as how we are doing and where we are?, we often get frustrated and often question that why people are bothering us too much and what is there for them to ask all these to us. Accepting a friend request, talking and spending some time with them is considered as the wastage of time or of no value.
We are already beaten off of our social life, still when such networking is possible we tend to keep ourselves faraway.
We browse others profile and do not want them to know that we have browsed, we add friends and hardly ask about them or even fail to send some good wishes on their birth day, marriage or send them the word of condolence in time of despair and sorrows.
Today, when there are things that brings us closer, our attitude pushes us further apart. How can we sustain, if a man doesn’t treat man as a man and do not care for each other? How could the harmony grow here and we expect to live in peace? We segregate ourselves on basis of race, religion, communities, societies and national boundaries and even started to differentiate through abilities, talents and looks. We praise non-violence but act violently.
The planes that were for travelling is put to bring down the tall buildings to ground with smoke and dust, the supreme of inventions, the computer has become a weapon of theft. So long the man doesn’t understand the reason of his stand here he shall not develop but ruin the earth.
So, create a harmony even in a small place be it in reality or in virtual, we can do so many act of kindness even in our world of networking sites like facebook.

  1.          Donot add friends that donot share the common interest like yours.
  2.         Add friends you know them very well and one who shares the common interest as you do.
  3.          Make them happy by liking their post, if that inspire you or make you happy.
  4.          Share similar stories if you have and talk to them if one finds interest in it.
  5.          Give possible solutions for problems if asked.
  6.          Donot facebook the problem (often),better face it yourself.
  7.          Praise the one who does/writes good for humanity.
  8.          Suggest and give some positive opinion to those who is doing wrong.
  9.          Be kind to all users.
  10.          Be humble while chating,
  11.         Donot go deep into the personal level while on live chat, unnecessarily.
  12.          Donot bother much about others personal life, unless they seek your help.
  13.          Respect their opinion, donot retaliate but suggest if good comes your way.
  14.          Send some good messages on their special days, such as birthday, anniversary, or if feels good the letter of condolence in times of sorrows.
  15.           Keep a good profile image.
  16.         Comment and give good response, donot poke others unnecessarily.
  17.         Understand others feeling, if found inappropriate donot comment on their post, just send them smiley or something good, if you cannot go without it.
  18.          Donot tag photos of other unnecessarily, respect others privacy and it better you get their permission before you tag it or post it on your wall.
  19.          Donot publish copyright materials, images etc.
·         Lastly add your suggestion, how to be kind and go safe facebooking. Your suggestion will be highly appreciate appreciated.

By: Me, written after dinner when thought of kindness over facebook striked my mind.. with a theme “BE KIND TO ALL AND ENJOY NETWORKING”